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I’d always known about my own death, of course. Trouble was, I thought
everyone knew. When I was a kid, my mother’s cries of, “Don’t play in
the street, you could get yourself killed,” were met with as firm a, “No
it won’t, Mommy” as a toddler could muster. It seemed wrong, somehow, to
tell her precisely how or why I knew that, but at least back then my
death was the only thing I could see.

up here for the first time.

After that, it just got worse.

Quick, Bran!  Faster.

“80. Sniper fire from some kid wanting revenge. 45. Enemy spy
compromises your position, killed on sight. 53. Car crash on your way to
the pentagon. 35. Tortured to death. Oh,” I grin, not bothering to hide
my excitement. “Oh that’s interesting.”

All dwarves are bastards  in their father’s eyes.


and you were never afraid.

Miss Secretary escorts me to the office, the pale wrinkles in her face
hidden beneath a caked-on makeup style only women her age wore these

He’d be the second most  powerful man in the kingdoms.

Of course, what could I expect, when before I even know someone’s name,
before I even shake their hand, I know exactly when and how they’ll die?

– Do you know what?  – What?

The job’s nothing major, at least not compared to that done by some of
the other people who work here. I can’t leave town unsupervised, but I’m
also not risking my life by cooperating. I stay in my
government-approved apartment with two CIA agents guarding the door
(neither of them die until they’re well into retirement) until my next
appointment, then I come here and do whatever it is they want this time.
As far as “kidnapped by the government” jobs go, it’s not half bad.
Still, there’s nothing that makes you miss freedom more than not having

This was my favorite dress.

They’re not particularly attractive but not ugly either. The woman on
the left has skin so dark it almost blends in with the pantsuit she’s
wearing. Her hair is tied back in a bun, and she looks like she won’t
care no matter what I tell her. The other is pale as a sheet, and though
she’s not looking at me, I can still see some perspiration on her brow.
No one likes knowing how they die. Not in this line of work, at least.
The man next to her has skin like mine, dark, a little ruddy, but his
face betrays no emotion I can discern. No, that’s all concentrated in
his hands, tightly clenched behind his back. The youngest is next to
him. He’s not as pale as the woman opposite his buddy, but he’s still
white and looks like he’s fresh out of college, probably hasn’t seen the
sun in a while. He’s the only one who looks like whatever I say will
come as a relief to him. Out of the five, he’s probably the most
dangerous. Next to him is an older man, tanned skin, I can see some gray
hairs peeking out over his ears. He probably doesn’t even realize
they’re there yet. He’s quaking in his boots, but just his boots.

Have you?


See you at sundown.


He’s so handsome.

“What’s interesting?” The boss raises his eyebrows, arms folded.

Such a beauty shouldn’t stay  hidden up here forever.

I’m sitting in a small waiting room, no different from any other.
Frankly, I’ve wondered since my youth if all waiting rooms are actually
just the same room leading out to different places. Like the doctor’s,
the dentist’s, a lawyer’s office, a financial advisor, or in my case, a
high-security military laboratory somewhere underneath Langley.

When Dothraki are  defeated in combat,

“If it’s any consolation, I only outlive you for a few seconds,” I say
as we back out the door.

– I hope I’ll serve you well.  – You will.


It won’t be long now.


– the first of his name…  – Don’t look away.

It’s only really bad when I’m with unfamiliar people. Which, granted,
doesn’t happen often these days.

Where is he?


Tell them I’m sorry.


– None of us will ever father sons…  – I don’t care about that!


What is it?

Three men and two women are lined up on the other end of the office,
standing perfectly straight in front of an old white man whom I can only
assume is their boss, and refusing to make eye contact with me. Miss
Secretary turns to leave.

– He showed me what was what.  – Aye.


And have you bled yet?

Imagine, one day you’re sitting at home, making your kid peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches for lunch and all of a sudden, you look up and your
son is clamped to your leg, snot and tears running down his chin and
blubbering about hospitals and wilted “get well” bouquets and too pale
skin contrasting with the familiar dark skin he’d always known.

Oh, show us your muscles.


By the Lannisters.

“Well, let’s get started,” I say. I feel the man start to sway, his skin
clammy as the realization that he’s about to die sinks in.

Damn it, Ned, stand up.


And I know I’m a deserter.


rescue your father  from his guests.

In a flash, I’m behind the last agent. His gun is in my hand and I’ve
got him in a chokehold before the others can draw their guns.

would be skewered  on the city gates by now.

著-[美]伦Nader.B.金 译-奔跑的魔羯座

There are no direwolves  south of the wall.

There’s a bead of silence growing between the seven of us. I took the
moment to step back and think for a bit, to think of my mother, Stage 4
tumors ravaging her body in a hospital bed that I know no amount of
research and wishful thinking will fix. I know there’s no changing fate.

Said the walkers  slaughtered his friends.

It’s meeting new people that’s the hardest.

“You are not taking  my husband anywhere.

by Leonard B King

It’s Maester Luwin, my lord.

It started with just people I knew well. It didn’t matter who it was or
how they died, I would see it eventually. Then it got more frequent,
with people I wasn’t familiar with, to the point where I’d say “hello”
and then….

if the wrong people  had found that letter.

I nod at the middle-aged, bottle-blonde secretary. She’s just doing her
job, I can’t fault her too much when I’m just doing mine. She’s going to
get hit by a car in six months. Hit and run. Her name is on the badge
the feds gave her, same as mine, and I’m sure she introduced herself at
one point, but it’s better for both of us if I don’t remember it. Makes
things easier when I don’t have a name to put to a face.

He’s the only one he trusts.


and my brother might be  the next Hand of the King.

After the vision about my mom, I dedicated my life to oncology (knowing
which patients are going to die and when helps), despite the fact that I
can do nothing to change her fate. It wasn’t long before a former
colleague caught on, and from there it was only a matter of time until
the government figured me out and sent the CIA knocking on my door.
Funny, how that works out.

– Where’s the Imp?  – Will you shut up?

“You’re in a hostage negotiation, you’re the hostage. The kidnapper’s
surrounded by maybe twenty snipers, out in the parking lot. Made it
pretty far, if you ask me,” I say.

Come on!


Don’t think too much, Bran.

So it’s one of those days.

the queen’s brother?

“Mister Ernesto, they’re ready for you.”

Should I explain to you  the meaning of a closed door

I walk down the line.

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No one likes to know how they die, after all.

Lysa’s head would be  on a spike right now


Mmm, I hear they  call him the Imp.

Out of everyone, I think seeing her death hit me the hardest. For the
both of us.


From your sister.

– How old are you?  – 13, Your Grace.

They even killed the children.

I did hear something about that.

– Right. Give it here.  – No!

He’s a savage, of course,

You’re not an outsider.

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Can you do that for me?

And you… you’re Ned Stark’s  bastard, aren’t you?

The competition  has become a bit stale.


and take back your father’s throne.

A family trait.

The white walkers, I saw them.

The stitching…

I don’t want to be his queen.

You helped me win  the Iron Throne,

Viserys of House Targaryen,

There is no word  for thank you in Dothraki.

I want you to promise me,

The rest of the world will not.

I have a son,  you have a daughter.

It’s not funny!

So take me with you  when you go back.

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I hear he hates that nickname.

They’ve captured a deserter  from the Night’s Watch.

The greatest in the land…  my spear never misses.

I’ve waited 17 years  to get my throne back.

You’ll be a soldier.

See where they went.

when I come here.

when I come into my throne.

Well, it’s not too late.

Your Grace.

Is this your first time  in the north, Your Grace?

My queen.

Thank you for saying yes.

White walkers.

Come on, girls.


The people drink secret toasts

My queen.


– Sansa…  – Please please!

I’m sure we’ll have  a tournament

The wall isn’t going anywhere.

Jon Arryn is dead.

Thank you.

Are you as good with a  spear as you used to be?

Winterfell is yours.

thank you in Dothraki.

The two he was with  are still missing.

What’s she doing at the Eyrie?

Kings lack the caution  of common men.

Pardon, my lord, my lady.

100-foot drop into the water,


but they took it from us.

I’ll say,  “Listen, fat man.”

If this news is true

We have no families.

Do you know the common tongue?

down at King’s Landing, not up here  where you’re no damn use to

but they will always be beautiful.

It’s not hunting  if you pay for it.

He won’t be a boy forever.

It’s a freak!

Tough old beast.

We’ve been his guests  for over a year

Clever girl.

to celebrate your new  title… if you accept.

I wonder if the old gods agree.

You always look  at your feet before you lie.

making you the bastard.

Such a talent.  You must make something for me.

Direwolves south of the wall,

with the sun  and the clouds above her.

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What if he thinks I’m ugly?

I’ve never seen wildlings  do a thing like this.

– I hope it’s true.  – Yes,


You’re Tyrion Lannister,

What is it?

Get on.


When their omens favor war.

The things I do for love.

Tell me about Jon Arryn.


We tracked them.  They won’t trouble us no more.


Thank you, magister.

What the hell do you know  about being a bastard?

The king rode for a month

One minute he was fine and then…



Lad, go run back  and get the rest.

because when I fight  a man for real

the third of his name,

Do the dead frighten you?

in that rats’ nest they call a Capital.

And your mother.

The last one I’ve got.

You got bigger.

a true ranger.

to ask for Lord Stark’s help.


Do you think Joffrey will like me?

Relax your bow arm.

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What if Jon Arryn told someone?

I hear he’s a drunken  little lecher,

Preparing for a night  with your family.

Hush now.  Your father hasn’t even said yes.

We’ve been expecting you,  Lord Tyrion.

their lives are too short.

I only ask you  because I need you.

– Perhaps we’ll find out.  – In any case,

Why aren’t you at the feast?

if that’s what it took.

I would name you  the Hand of the King.

You still slouch.

There are no mountain lions  in these woods.

I know I broke my oath.

But you are a beauty.

Run and find your father.  Tell him the king is close.

It’s your gods with all the rules.

I know what I’m  putting you through.

Burned right through him,  whatever it was.

Then he is the stupidest  prince that ever lived.

And Robert will choose a new Hand  of the King… someone to do his job

It’s a direwolf.

Do you think she would risk her life…

And Lady Stark  is not your mother,

– He saw us.  – It’s all right, it’s all right.

Where is he going?!

Well said.

One for each  of the Stark children.

Lord Eddard Stark is my father.

Did you hear the king’s  in Winterfell?

“Our way is the old way”?

Send him in.

A rider in the night…

The king rides  for Winterfell…

but our sister craves  your attention.

I hear we might share  a grandchild someday.

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The direwolf is the sigil of your house.

Your daughter will  do well in the Capital.

how do we go home?

In the name of Robert  of the House Baratheon,

All 40,000 men  and their horses too

Go on, feel the fabric.

A small gift,  for the new khaleesi…

What are you doing  with that on?

Your father and brother  rode south once

Did I offend you?  Sorry.

Guarding the north  for you, Your Grace.

That’s why he’s king.

The boy I beheaded…

– Your pardon.  – I hear we might be neighbors soon.

It’s a good thing  we’re not children.

I wouldn’t ask Khal Drogo.

You did well.

– Close as any man would.  – We should head back to the wall.

You have a woman’s body now.

The law is law, my lady.

Yes.  Lovely country.

The gods gave me one blessing.

Isn’t he a gracious host?

I want us both to go home,

If your sister had lived,  we’d have been bound by blood.

But do you understand  why I had to kill him?

You don’t think  he’ll ask us how they died?

and his sister

and he’s never  asked us for anything.

You’re a loyal friend.

So tell me, sweet sister,

How close did you get?

What are you doing back there?

Where’s Arya?  Sansa, where’s your sister?

That’s an honor  I can do without.


– …King of the Andals and the First Men…  – Father will know if you

her son’s life…

Pfft.  He was talking madness.

Soon. The Dothraki never  stay still for long.

– Did he like her?  – Trust me, Your Grace,

10 is too young  to see such things.


They were meant to have them.

Rode all day. Didn’t want to leave  you alone with the Lannisters.

But he’s coming right  now… down our road.

Do you take me for a fool?

I’m not trying to honor you.  I’m trying to get you to run my kingdom

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Go on.

She belonged with me.

and all the rest of them.

She’s fresh widowed, Cat.

I saw what I saw.

– Your sister, the boy?  – They both have their health,

You can always say no, Ned.

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I take orders from  your father, not you.

Now the Starks are  feasting us at sundown.

Please make father say yes!

Quite the little climber,  aren’t you?

Rough night, Imp?

Your name is?

There are five pups…

Would you please shut up?

Mountain lion?

It’s done, Your Grace.

Easy, boy.

Tell them I’m no coward.

and it can never  be used to hurt you.

I would let his whole tribe fuck you…

Where is our brother?

We’ve brought up eight barrels  of ale from the cellar.

gods be good.

I’ve always wanted  to see the wall.

The ages have  turned them to stone,

“We’re Lannisters.

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Just a lad.

Get back on your horse.

I remember how scared I was  when Ned brought me

talk of the walkers,

They don’t belong down here.

Gods, but they grow fast.

Lord Stark!

Their mother’s dead.

Their days are too long,

I’m ready

Lord Stark?

He only stops eating when  it’s time for a drink.

He’s never met a girl he likes  better than his own hair.

Not all of them.

And you will be his queen.

I’m sorry, I’ve begun  the feast a bit early.

You don’t want to wake  the dragon, do you?

Oh? I hear he’s more  than earned it.

Your dead men seem  to have moved camp.

I’m not a Stark.

Don’t leave me alone  with these people.

I don’t want him to know  what I can do.

But who would he tell?

if she wasn’t certain  her husband was murdered?

– The ceremony is over.  – But he didn’t say anything.

He swore an oath, Cat.

from one end or the other  it’ll be a miracle.

She always does this.

When do I meet with the Khal?

We’ll need plenty of  candles for Lord Tyrion’s chamber.

…Lord of the Seven Kingdoms  and protector of the realm,

They cry out  for their true king.

Whatever Jon Arryn knew or  didn’t know, it died with him.

Jon said he was a deserter.

The Targaryens are gone.

Don’t look at me like that.  It’s not his fault I didn’t listen.


Keep practicing, Bran.

without at least three deaths  is considered a dull affair.

They say that he is the most  handsome man in the Seven Kingdoms.

The white walkers have been  gone for thousands of years.

the king has honored me  with his offer.

They murdered the last hand.

– Oh!  – Already?

Get the lads to saddle  their horses.

– Jon…  – Father will let me if you ask him.

We both did.

People need to know.

We go home with an army.

Your dress, did you make it?

There’s only one thing he’s after.

Touch it.

Dragon’s eggs, Daenerys,

with his right royal prick.

They were here.

With the queen

Getting a little old for it?

Is “no” the only word that you know?

Make him happy.

You left your home  to come here.

Is it true he saw  the white walkers?

they cut off their braids so the whole  world can see their shame.

Hmph.  A wildling ambush.

She’s fled the Capital.

She has odd cravings,  our sister.

if he didn’t like her,  we’d know.

What is it?

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What news?

It’s for the queen, I bet.  I hear she’s a sleek bit of mink.


Why is your mother so dead set on  us getting pretty for the king?

You hear me?  A loyal friend.

I am so sorry, my love.

A guardsman just  rode in from the hills.


was crack skulls and fuck girls.

I saw the white walkers.

You are the bastard though.

I take you for a king.

I’m not worthy of the honor.

Do you have to?

– My husband.  – If he told the king, both our heads

How much could he possibly drink?  A man of his…

No, Your Grace.

– I don’t fight in tournaments.  – No?

It’s too hot, my lady.

You’ve got fat.

– Hey hey hey hey.  – Ohh.

the rightful King of the Andals  and the First Men,

So he was lying?

Think of all those southern  girls he gets to stab

She doesn’t know what she’s saying.

Do you see  how long his hair is?

Let them see.

He’d have to leave home.

while I eat, drink and whore  my way to an early grave.

You might, if you knew  what it meant.

My lady.

Whatever did it to them  could do it to us.

prone to all manner  of perversions.

Is he dead yet?

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The man who passes the sentence

And the queen  and her twin brother.

I heard you the first time.

Go on, father’s watching.

And so would you.

Now you want Ned  to take the job?

Tell Bran he’s coming too.

to swear your oath.

I served your father for many years.

And if they die, you will  bury them yourselves.

What do you expect?  They’re savages.

but one of the finest killers alive.

The king takes what he wants.

You want to run away south,  run away.

– you shall have it.  – When?

If I get through this  without squirting

Go on, Tommy, shear him good.

I didn’t pick you for a hunter.

One lot steals a goat  from another lot,

Look, a gift from Illyrio.

I never seen a thing like  this, not ever in my life.

Why would he say no?

Ser Jorah Mormont  of Bear Island.

I loved that man.

while he’s off fucking boars  and hunting whores…

Better a quick death.

How many times have I  told you no climbing?

Your uncle’s in the Night’s Watch.

Put away your blade.

Where’s the Imp?

Songs and Histories  from the Seven Kingdoms.

I saw the king.  He’s got hundreds of people.

When would we be married?  Soon? Or do we have to wait?

We’ve been riding  for a month, my love.

You remember me at 16?

That’s Jaime Lannister,  the queen’s twin brother.

Uncle Benjen.

She’s beautiful.

You don’t understand  what you’d be giving up.

I piss on Dothraki omens.

When they write the history  of my reign, sweet sister,

Nine years… Why haven’t I seen you?  Where the hell have you been?

Winter is coming.

Athchomar chomakaan, Khal vezhven.

He’s spent half his life  fighting Robert’s wars.

Or is it the other way around?

And he was tough, Ned,

– It’s all right.  – He saw us!

now help me  keep the damn thing.

And winter is coming.

if I don’t catch you first.

– Don’t get up.  – My lord.

How did he get so fat?

And I’ll make sure you don’t look  so fucking grim all the time.

Jadi, zhey Jorah Andahli!

sentence you to die.

Winter is coming.

Khal Drogo has  never been defeated.

and I still feel like an outsider

Are you completely mad?

If you can get word  to my family…

on a king’s demand.

I’m told he drinks all night.

He owes him nothing.

I promise.

to your health.

My, you’re a pretty one.

My greatest accomplishment.

before you know it they’re  ripping each other to pieces.


Close the door!

You at a feast…  It’s like a bear in a trap.

You should be  the Hand of the King.

I hear the prince  is a right royal prick.

who but you can  protect the king?

And I’d be queen someday.

Soon you will cross  the Narrow Sea

In my dreams,  I kill him every night.

I thought you might say that.

I don’t know.

and there’s the clever one.

It is true what they say  about the northern girls.

All I wanted to do

Forgive me, lord.

I hear the same.

– Tell me.  – There was a raven from King’s Landing.

She was my sister.

Come on, you.

You understand why I did it?

With Khal Drogo’s army.

No, but I’m still better than you.

I want to go home.

He knows I won’t  forget my friends

I belong here with you,  not down south

She should be  on a hill somewhere

Never forget what you are.

Now there are five.

We’ll talk later.

I saw the white walkers.

– Stay.  – This was sent from the Eyrie.

It would be good  to have you on the field.

Who have we here?

no more climbing.

Is it true they lie  with their horses?

He’d have to leave me.

Lord Eddard Stark,

– Did you know him?  – Of course I did.

Wear it like armor

Are you from my country?

– in a whorehouse, brother?  – You have much to teach me, no doubt,

Quite beautiful.

No bastard was ever  refused a seat there.

I need you to be perfect today.

– How are you?  – I’m good.

Did you have to bury her  in a place like this?

A Dothraki wedding

The raven brought more news…

I, Eddard of the House Stark,

澳门永利官网 14

Khal vezhven.

She always does it  and it’s not funny!

All these years

Go and find the little beast.

My apologies if  I’ve given offense.


– Uncle Benjen.  – Robb boy.

Our orders were  to track the wildlings.

Where will they go?

Come forward, my dear.

The runt of the litter…  That one’s yours, Snow.

We’ll join our houses.

And the other brother?

A fever took him.

She says Jon Arryn was murdered.

A madman sees what he sees.

Hello, little dove.


Thank you, ser.

As your brother, I feel  it’s my duty to warn you:

you worry too much.

It’s the only thing  I ever wanted.

The Dothraki are not known  for their punctuality.

Lord of Winterfell  and warden of the north,

Lady Stark thought it might  insult the royal family

There’s our bride-to-be.

– The queen has two brothers?  – There’s the pretty one,

What about you?

You swore the king an oath, my lord.

澳门永利官网 15

There was nothing to be afraid  of until you told father.

– Cat!  – Your Grace.

I love the detail that you’ve  managed to get in these corners.

I won’t say it again.

This is where she belongs.

Go on.

White walkers.

Surely the dead can wait.

Come on, boys,  let’s go kill some boar!

Daenerys of House Targaryen.

Get back on your horse.

I think so, Your Grace.

I won’t let him take you.

Fill that up!  Boys, Rodrik, come on.

Ser Jorah,  I don’t know how to say

You will feed them yourselves.

I know he was like  a father to you.

I know he will.

Well, you’re always  welcome on the wall.

they will say it began today.

You will train them yourselves.

澳门永利官网 16

I’d better get inside,

Gods be good, I hope to always  serve the rightful king.

Illyrio’s no fool.

And this is the first  of many courses.

She says the king is in danger.

But since we’re short on time…

I know how to play  a man like Drogo.

Lannisters don’t act like fools.”

He belongs to me now.”

I need you, Ned…

I’m sure it’s very grim  after King’s Landing.

I should have gone back to the  wall and warned them, but…

She hasn’t been back there  since her wedding.

A different time.

should swing the sword.

Time for bed.

And which one of you  was a marksman at 10?

– Please, father!  – I’m sorry, Bran.

I’m told he reads all night.

We need to begin  planning the invasion.

He never had to  teach you much, but me?

Fine work as always.  Well done.

And life will go on.

They won’t last  without their mother.

We were meant to rule together.

to seat a bastard  in their midst.

May I present  my honored guests?

So do I.

You have five northern children.

I don’t fight in tournaments

You’re tall.  Still growing?

If Khal Drogo has  promised you a crown,

If he’s coming  this far north…

and the Lannisters conspire  against the Throne,

– It’s starting to show.  – And you never worry about anything.

A different king.


– How old are you, boy?  – 10.

Of course they will  behead you as a deserter,

from the Shadow Lands  beyond Asshai.

Let me give you  some advice, bastard.

You must be Robb.

I’m a Northman.

You want to hold it?

When we were seven and you jumped  off the cliffs at Casterly Rock,

I give him a queen  and he gives me an army.

Take me to your crypt.  I want to pay my respects.

When will they be married?